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Brandi Glanville Fired & Yolanda Foster Too Sick To Return To RHOBH

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Three of the key cast mates – Brandi Glanville, 42, Yolanda Foster, 51, and Kim Richards, 50, are not returning to the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills.

Which leaves Kyle Richards, 46, Lisa Rinna, 51, Lisa Vanderpump, 54, and Eileen Davidson, 56, currently still in the running.

The network is yet to confirm the numerous reports about the departures, stating: “We are not commenting or confirming casting at this time.”

Sources say Brandi’s been difficult to work with and most of the girls don’t want to work with her anymore.

Several sources say the women don’t feel safe around Brandi because of her frequent erratic behavior.

Producers are open to having her as an occasional guest, but Brandi has not committed as yet.

What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.

Source: TMZ

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  • LaTonya Clark Sherie Sowell

    Glad Brandi is gone. These ladies are to classy for that cheesy behavior she displays. Yeah bravo

    • Perilyx

      None of these fools are classy.

  • sinfulsweet16

    Yolanda was the best one! hope she gets better!

  • Mixed Chick

    Now if only Kyle was fired too. I’m sorry to hear about Yolanda, get well soon Yo!

    • AZDinker

      I had heard at one point that Kyle was on the chopping block as well and that Kathy Hilton (the “other” sister) was going to join. Also heard Lisa V was pondering quitting. Who knows, we’ll find out when they announce it I guess.

  • Linda Matthews Davidson

    Glad Brandi is gone ! Best thing that could have happened. So sorry about Yolanda. I hope she recovers from this terrible sickness and comes back to the show.

  • Jen Nifer

    Soooo glad Brandi and Kim are not returning, I was ready to stop watching the show because of those two. I sure am gonna miss Yolanda though, so sad she is still sick with that lyme disease stuff…Thoughts and prayers are with her.

  • AZDinker

    So sorry to hear Yolanda is not doing well, I was hoping her treatments in Europe that aren’t approved here would help. That’s very sad. On the other hand, We’ve known for awhile Kim wasn’t coming back, there was talk of Kathy Hilton joining (not sure how I feel about that) and this news today about Brandi getting dumped is just invigorating!!

    • luvsbnagrammy


  • Laura Carmona

    Yeah, bye Brandy and Kim. Sorry for Yolanda.

  • Jenniffer Fry

    Prayers for Yolanda…..glad Brandi is gone, she is a liability to all!

  • Rhonda Fenlong

    Glad to hear Brandi and Kim are gone can’t stand either one of them. I really like Yolanda and am so sorry about her illness hopefully she can recover from this terrible disease and get better real soon. It is probably best for her not to be on this year it is way to much drama for her and she has enough on her plate. Just get better soon and fight this terrible disease.

  • Sandra Breemes

    My favorite women, there is no reason that I will continue to watch real Housewives of Beverly Hills anymore with those 3 gone. They made it interesting! The rest of them are boring and I don’t like them!

  • Gammy

    Isn’t it called housewives not divorced wives? I really like Yolanda, prayers for better health to her! YAHOO BRANDI ARE GONE, maybe now Kyle & Kim can once and for all fix their relationship!

  • Reese

    Yolanda has a grace and beauty that none of the others have seemed to master. She was the peace maker among the rest, not over shadowed by heavy makeup and overdressed. Brandi is a beautiful woman in looks, but I was hoping she would tone it done. She is only doing what that LeeAnn chick want her to do, and that’s make an ass of herself. Be the stronger person and get it together.

  • Vicki Colleen

    Without Brandi and Kim, who is going to cause trouble? Don’t want the show to be boring. So sorry about Yolanda. I really hope she gets well.

  • Mist

    Boring? I think not. These shows were not built on vulgar, classless, drunk has beens and nobodys(that being Brandi) . This show was a whisker away from a mud wrestling exhibition with Brandi the head Pig in charge. This show is suppose to have glamour, fabulous homes, great clothes and cars – none of which Brandi and Kimbecile brought to the show. Brandi was all proud of the conflict and truth telling she brought -well I’ve got news for you Brandi everyone saw through your so-called truth telling- you would not know the truth if it came up to you and slapped you and you have no character at all. You blamed everyone for your poor behavior – so Bravo finally had enough and cut you loose – go get a real job.
    Kim – you’re an addict – 3 years probation w/drug testing ha! you won’t make it 3 days-you brought absolutely NOTHING to the show yet you acted so entitled because you were a child actor most of America doesn’t recognize anymore.
    Yolanda – if it weren’t for your constant sick pic selfies most people would forget about you. It’s amazing how you don’t have the ability to read write or watch tv yet when filming comes around you have the strength and gall to NAG people to death – your jealousy of others on the show was quite apparent. You came from nothing yet expect the world to bow to you – all you’ve managed to do is marry two wealthy men. I hope you don’t return.

    • luvsbnagrammy

      Yolanda was the sweetest of all them bitches, very cruel of you to speak ill of someone who is dealing with such a horrible disease, btw, when filming her disease was being controlled, did you not see her at the reunion, way to kick a person when their down!!

  • Violet

    Yolanda is the best one, I feel really bad, but I know she must work on getting well. My prayers continue to be with you Yolanda and Family. David continue to take care of her…….

  • DianeKnowlton

    Wow,Mist had alot 2 say about each of them.I do agree on Brandi,she is A low class no one that WAS married 2 an actor.She played the “poor”me role until even she was sick of hearing it.Eddie didn’t leave her 4 anyone.He was running the 1 on RHOBH .The life Brandi lives, no wonder he left her,.she likes woman more,always wants 3 in her bed.I mean Eddie was prob. like heck that’s fun when ur 20 but as A grown man with 2 kids time 2 grow up so he did & found A good gal,Brandi hasn’t & probably won’t.Sorry 2 hear about Yolanda but so happy Kim is gone with Brandi nasty.I think we can watch A good show with classy woman.

  • Caroline Gordon

    I will miss Yolanda, she was so sweet. The cast they have left sounds great!

  • Maxine Noel

    Thank GOD Brandi is gone. She is a train wreck and soon, would have hurt someone. She needs to get help herself. I’m sad that Yolanda won’t be there. She is a beautiful person, inside and out. I pray she gets well soon. Kim? Well, Kim needs some work for sure. Hanging out with Brando hasn’t made her behavior any better for sure.