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Mom Of 3 Young Kids Leaves Family For U.S. Prisoner She Met Online

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Jennifer Butler-Christopher Mosier

via Mirror:
Single mother Jennifer started writing to a criminal in a US jail two years ago. The pair were exchanging letters every day and eventually she flew to Texas to meet him. They fell in love and now hey are now engaged. The prisoner, Chris, is up for parole next year and Jennifer plans to marry him on his release

A British mother is leaving her three children to move to the U.S. to marry a violent prisoner.

Jennifer Butler, 29, says she is moving to America to marry Christopher Mosier, 23, when he is released from prison in September.

That will mean her children, all aged under 10, will be brought up by their dad back in the UK.

She met Mosier – who is serving a 15-year prison sentence for armed burglary – on a prison penletter website.

Jennifer told The Sun: “Leaving my children is not an easy thing to decide to do. I know some people will think I’m abandoning them. But for me to do that, it must mean what I have with Chris is important.”

She claims that she is moving to the U.S. to start a new life for her children Tyler, eight, Tristan, seven, and Mia, four.

Speaking about her relationship with Mosier, she said that she was intrigued by him and admired how open he had been about his past.

Mosier was jailed for 15 years in 2009 for burglary of a habitation with deadly conduct and drugs charges.

She realised she was in love with him when he stopped writing to her suddenly and she felt heartbroken.

When he eventually resumed contact he told her that it was because Mosier’s prison had been on lockdown.

After that break, their relationship continued to grow and Jennifer’s children even drew pictures for his cell.

She visited him last October but because he had his visitors’ privileges taken from him following a fight they could ownly speak through a glass screen, The Sun reports. It was on the third visit that they got engaged.

She concluded: “I know he did a terrible crime but he’s a changed man. He’s going to make a wonderful husband and a brilliant stepdad to my children.”

  • DaiShanell

    She wants US citizenship..only logical explanation.

    • brit


  • Linda

    For a woman to leave her children for a man, tells you a lot about that woman, but for a criminal? The children are better off without her fickle, immature self.

    • Sandrine Calme

      I agree.

  • Felisha Crooks-Sweet

    Lord have mercy!

  • Angel Ferguson

    Smdh what is this world coming to? She must be out of her everlasting mind to just pick up and leave her children for a man she don’t really even know the only she probably does know is that he is a prisoner that in itself is enough for me to say bye,bye,bye. She has to be mentally challenge to do something so selfish and stupid may God bless her soul and I’m happy for the kids cause they do not need to be brought up by the likes of her she is doing them a favor.

  • Hunny Starr

    Did she ever think about what would happen to her or her children if things happen to work out for her, like ohh idk maybe he’ll beat the children or her, get her strung on drugs even… smdh poor babies what if their father isn’t all that great??? Ughhh, hopefully their father is a great person because their mother is obviously an ignorant, incompetent, selfish and disgusting CUNT!!!

  • MsChristine

    He’s brilliant? She’s stupid!

  • msjones tooyou

    She needs fucking help. Who would leave their damn kids. Smh woman these days

  • Beverly Durant

    Screaming. You are one sick mother fucker.

  • Nii Larry

    It is madness for a sheep to talk love with a wolf unless the sheep is also a wolf in sheep’s clothing. In any case i sense murder at the end of this love story…

  • Thalia

    I think the kids r better off with the dad since she isn’t making the wrong choices. Those kids will be the ONES suffering! She WILL get her karma! That guy screws her over! She’s in for a rude awakening!

  • LaTosha

    Your children will ALWAYS be your children you are trying to start a life with a criminal, who not even after 6 months after his release you will find out who he truly is. This is the BIGGEST mistake you are making. You need to find love in yourself and God that way you will not have to search for it from a man who us obviously un rehabilitated because he is still getting in trouble behind bars. I will NEVER. .NO NEVER leave my precious gifts (children) for anything. This is truly sad.

  • Mike Kamikazi Quickel

    Do people not realize the reason why prisoners enter the penpal program is usually to get money on their books. Not for anything less or more. Yes, I am speaking from experience and that was a bad time in my life. SMDH

  • AD Kirsty

    what a stupid and irresponsible person she is as well as unfit to be a mother to her kids… COMPLETE MADNESS

  • keepitcuteorputitonmute#1

    When we see her stupid a** on the news missing or found dead I wont feel sorry for her smh.Poor children!Crazy thing is black men leave they children for prison everyday smh.