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Claudia Jordan Has Been Fired From The Real Housewives Of Atlanta

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First Brandi Glanville was booted from RHOBH, now, Real Housewives Of Atlanta newbie Claudia Jordan has been fired. It’s not a good sign for the single ladies on the Real Housewives.

Apparently RHOA producers told her this week.

Filming for the new season begins next month and they haven’t decided if Claudia will come back for guest appearances.

What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.

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Real Housewives of Atlanta Don’t Be Tardy I Dream of Nene Kandi’s Wedding

  • Mixed Chick

    Why would they get rid of Claudia because she stood up to Nene maybe o well. They need to get rid of Horsha

    • GetReal2014

      Is that ignorant or what? It appears that many people like evil people to me.

      • celia

        I wouldn’t say that all of those so call house wife’s has had there share of bull the whole show needs to go to me anyway they all have have been single are single this NeNe is horrible hunni when show first started I was team NeNe all the way ok but she very nasty very rude and if u ain’t kissing her ass it’s a wrap 4u and this Porch chil pls it time for show to end

        • GetReal2014

          I won’t be watching if Nene is a part of the cast. She’s a disgrace to black women everywhere.

        • GetReal2014

          i think so to. It’s run it’s course. It’s gotten too juvenile for my taste.

    • Cheryl Lindsey

      I agree with you totally

    • CharChar81850709101315

      I agree!

  • deschl

    now all we have to do is get rid of cynthia and her bish peter

    • Kimberley Lajoie

      Exactly nothing against lesbians but i didn’t realize Cynthia married a another female.

      • Derrick A. Donaldson

        Where did you hear that?

        • Daniel Graz

          she’s talking about wannabe housewife LuPeter

  • Sherryl Moore

    Wonderful!!! Claudia is out of there, now get rid of Kenya!

    • Kimberley Lajoie

      Totally agree their not married so why are they on the show??

      • True tea

        Kandi just got married and look how long she was on the show. Nene wasn’t married and on the show. Kim and Sheree wasn’t married either. Neither was Lisa

        • Len Rowland

          Nene was always married to Greg since before the show. She divorced him down the line and they remarried again she stated that clearly

        • Leadell Jenkins

          Lisa was married she was on the first season I think you should be in some type of relationship

        • Sonja Rutledge

          Yeah! But NeNe wanted her out

        • Cierra Simone Douglas

          Ne-Ne was married but then her and Greg got a divorce… Then they remarried

        • Diamond perry

          Nene is an original and she was married divorced but remarried him. But I would like to see more married couples on the show. Not these lonely bitter girls like Claw Dia and kenya.

          • Jacqueline Maloid

            Now you’re talking

      • luvsbnagrammy

        Yeah, why do producers bother to bring any single lady on, it is THE REAL HOUSE WIVES AFTER ALL!!!!

    • luvsbnagrammy

      Damn, I was hoping NeNe was leaving, you know since she thinks she is so fabulous and above the ladies!!

  • Taye Sherman

    They claimed they let Porshia go last season but she was in the show everyday …… They got rid of Claudia cause she was Kenya’s bestie

    • GetReal2014

      You got that right.

  • Dacie H. Turner


    • theFeistyWife

      Thank you!!!!!!!!

  • Kimberley Lajoie

    The titles of the show is Housewives of Atlanta yes get rid of her, Kenya and sorry Portia you too. Neither one of these females are married. Stand by the name of the show.

    • Kaya

      I like Claudia, There needs to be someone on the show that is willing to stand up to Nene. That make a good show, change it up a bit. Kandi is not afraid to let Nene have it either. I like Nene, but she seems to think that everybody is jealous of her. Kandi, and Pheadra probably have more money than she does but Nene just has the popularity right now!

  • Jettin

    I was fine with Claudia, but I really don’t understand why anybody is on the show who isn’t married.. Claudia did stand up to Nene.. which is needed. However, who can make their exit is Kenya.. she is just too messy. However, I guess they need to have some controversial story lines on the show to pull the audience in- I guess.

    • Sydney Molare’

      did you ask this non-married question while Nene was divorced?

      • Jettin

        No I didn’t ask the question. I believe I would not ask this question because Nene was married when RHWOA started…and getting a divorce on the show seemed and living as a single woman.. was understandable.

  • Debra Hicks

    Glad, oh how wonderful some of the things she was doing were so child like. So, now how about telling Kenya bye also?

  • Denise

    She was too thirsty and got drowned.

  • Rudysia Renee Blocker

    Good I think only married or divorced women should be on the show. The singles ladies keep up too much mess . Now when is Kenya leaving?

  • GetReal2014

    There goes the show. I guess nasty @ss sh*t stirrers like Nene Phaedra, and Porsha can keep on being evil and nasty to everyone. This is the work of Team Beast.NY is full of single ladies and OC started with single ladies. How gullible can people be to fall for the single lady crap when having a husband doesn’t mean chit?

    This is crazy talking about them having husbands to be on the show. So far we’ve seen

    1. Vicki and Don divorce
    2. Tamra and Simon
    3.Bethennny and Jason
    4.Ramona and Mario
    5.Taylor’s husband committed suicide
    6.Phaedra’s husband was convicted.(Divorce pending)
    7.Porsha and Kordell divorced
    8. JoeGuidice is also convicted.
    9.Adrienne and Paul divorced.
    10. DeShawn Snow and husband
    11. Lisa Wu and Ed Hartwell
    12.Camille Grammar and Kelsey
    13. Nene and Gregg Leakes
    14.Laurie from OC and her husband divorced
    15.Lynne Curtin and her husband divorced OC

    There’s probably more. The husbands aren’t bringing that much to the show that they need to be included. In fact, they’ve had a more negative impact, so that argument is strange.

    Unless people take pleasure in broken families and suicide. There’s no reason that anyone needs to be married to be on these shows.They
    haven’t been since the beginning and I hope that it stays that way.

    • Colesha

      Well said!

      • GetReal2014

        Thank you. So many people today lack common sense.

    • luvsbnagrammy

      So why call it HOUSEWIVES? They need to call it “Cray Cray single ladies of Atlanta lol!!

      • GetReal2014

        I didn’t come up with the name, the Bravo executives did and from the very beginning they put single women on the show. I guess you’d have to ask them.

        It’s their show. I’ve never questioned the name.

        • luvsbnagrammy

          Sorry, I wasn’t specifically asking you, just throwing it out there lol!!

          • GetReal2014

            My bad. You posted to me, so I thought you were actually asking me what I thought. No problem..

  • cholly8524

    Good riddance. When Kenya and Cynthia getting booted?!

  • Paris Harper

    She was boring and annoying anyway I’m glad to see her go she didn’t fit well with the group. They need to put porcha back on the show.

  • Sidney Cole

    RHOA is the name of the show. I want to see real housewives and their families, routines and socialization with each other and others. If producers insist on having single women on the show they should be in a committed relationship with marriage in future, like Kandie. For ME to continue watching, Kenya and Porscha need to find a man to be dating, real or fake or FIRED. They cause too much friction since they don’t have a life of their own with a man. That’s my point of view and I hope the producers will be shown our comments.

  • great choice

  • Tootie Rogers

    good she is so irrelevant…she has no story line unless she messing with cordel

  • You I

    Don’t watch don’t care

  • Colesha

    Honestly, I didn’t want Claudia to go because she has a strong personality and stood up to NeNe Leakes. Kenya must stay on the show to be a perfect match with words for NeNe. Anyone who stands up to NeNe I love. It is full time for NeNe to leave the show. She doesn’t know how to treat and keep friends.

    • Jovibon

      She was an envious,spiteful, thirsty,mischievous,firestarter…she was doing wayyyy too much!

    • Kimberly O’Brien Brunet

      My thoughts exactly!

  • Georgia Stephens

    No story line and not sure why she was ever on the show to begin with. She made herself look stupid trying to one-up some of the other housewives and stirring up unnecessary trouble.

  • Ms Unbelievable

    No she shouldn’t cone back at all bc she isn’t married

  • preshusjewl

    Getting rid of Claudia or Kenya equals no show.. I won’t want to even watch it. They make the show worth watching…..

    • Babi Chellz S Fly

      if you knew who has the followers and the fan base that makes this show i dont think getting rid of them would make a difference

  • YaYa

    Bye Felicia

  • SeekingGodDaily2013

    Why?? Nene really needs to go.
    Her negative attitude I’m tired off
    And No she Doesn’t need another show!!

  • Lisa Smith

    She had no purpose at all. Pineapple

  • Wilhelminia Surles

    This was not her forte’ Totally agree wit this decision…Kenya next?!

  • Mguzman

    First old nasty Brandi and now ghetto Claudia…oh! happy days! is aging Kenya next?

  • Babi Chellz S Fly


  • Donna

    That is too bad. She is the only one who stood up to Ne Ne.

  • Jovibon


  • hvbjv,i

    i liked claudia

  • Derrick A. Donaldson

    There is a God, I was tired of her trying TEAM NENE, besides she was not married and so she needed to go, they need to slice Kenya Moore as well.

  • LaTrinner Hamilton

    It doesn’t really bother me if they aren’t married, just have a life and something going for yourself besides being a sh*t starter. Don’t let b*tchy be the only card you have to play. And treat this show like it’s Real Housewives, not Big Brother. All of that infantile ass drama from Kenya and her hang ons was a bit too much last season. And if you have to rent a d*ck for a storyline, you don’t need to be on the show either Who scripts their life for reality TV?

  • Georgetta Meriman Malcolm


  • GMa

    I thought for sure Porsha was fired last season but she was on the entire season so are we going to see her again this season I hope not she needs to be gone too along with Kenya it should only be married women rightright..

  • Jeremy

    I actually like Claudia but she honestly doesn’t have enough going on to be on the show. Now that she’s gone, it’s time to get rid of Kenya…She’s another one who has no storyline and is getting by on fake and contrived drama

  • Elnora Bowden

    Claudia don’t bring anything to RHWOA, she don’t know when to let stuff go, Kenya is the same but she do seem to pull the crazy in last season, Cynthia needs to go she can’t showcase what she’s doing, because she ALWAYS showcasing what her wifey Peter is doing.he need to set down or they need to film around him. I love Kandi, NeNe, Phadea, and Coo Coo porsha, love see Porsha grow in to her own after living with the control freak. NeNe need to be a little more humble but I love that she go for hers hard( just down step on ppl to get there )(walk around them).I love that Kandi is a don’t start nothing, won’t be nothing type girl,but tells you what she really feels and won’t kiss NeNe ass for love nor money, love it.she truly loves her family, craziness and all. Love Pha Pha side eye, and quick wit. Even when you KNOW she is lying, you never see her sweat.(you go girl). No one can read, nor throw shade better.keep these ladies ,give Porsha back her peach ( at least she DID have a husband) and make Kenya a friend of the show.

  • bamablessed

    Dont blame it on nene!

  • Jessie Davenport

    What about Kenya, Porsha & Nene Leakes because I’m just tired of her ass….

  • Jay Gottaloveus Gordon

    Kenya needs to join her without ever appearing on the show again..

  • Liquid Diamond

    All that boasting about taking Porsha’s peach. Now hers has been taken away. Ya’ never win when you play dirty. lmao.

    • theFeistyWife

      She was acting like she was signing season 8 contract. You never WIN when u play dirty.

  • Diamond

    She was pointless on the show anyway she is Boring and childish.

  • Michelle Jones

    She’s not a wife and hasn’t been one on the show…why was she even there…now they need to boot Kenya outta there…she ain’t nobody’s wife either…can they get some wives on there…or change the name of the show…They not from Atlanta and they not wives…geesh…by Claudia.

  • Len Rowland

    Nene was married to Greg since the first season, 2 she divorced him down the line and they remarried.

  • Gail Dorsey-Seabrooks

    She was boring as hell anyway with no story line. She won’t be missed.

  • Leadell Jenkins

    She should never have been on the show in the first place all she brought to the show was drama

  • Sonja Rutledge

    Ne Ne next please

    • Cheryl Lindsey

      Yes NeNe arrogant azz is nerve rscking

  • Sonja Rutledge

    What about Porcha?

  • Norma

    Good, thats she is gone she was a B….to nene thinking she was hard with her comebacks girl bye boo …can we get Kenya out 2 everyone else makes the show good!!!

  • Tammy

    I like Claudia on the show, she was not intimidated by Nene, she stood up to her & put her in her place, now that’s relevant.

  • De-Anne


  • mar

    that is absolutely not fair at all, Porsha is the first one to be kicked out and nene should follow, these two conceited women are the worst example.

  • Cheryl Lindsey

    They want her off because she stands up and don’t kiss NeNe’s azz just like Kenya…she’s too strong just my opinion

  • Terri Bailey

    This is bullshit! You finally get woman on that show that are decent humans and you want to get rid of them. Not talking about Brandi don’t get it twisted. I mean Claudia and Kenya. These are woman that although they don’t have a man they have heart for others and because the other women are jealous of them they have to go. Screw your show. Phaedra isn’t with her man. He’s in jail so technically she goes home to no husband.

    • theFeistyWife

      I’m sorry, I didn’t see all that heart. I saw her starting stuff and chasing nene

      • Terri Bailey

        she just wanted answers. But you’re right if I was her I wouldn’t have put any effort in going after NeNe. Now I can rest and watch a show w/o her.. lol

  • Diamond perry

    Yeah Claw Dia is gone. I’m ready to start watching again. Was she having an affair with Peter or was it kenya. Rumor has it, he’s sleeping with one of them. Now get rid of peter.

  • Diamond perry

    I’d like to see married couples on the show, instead of these lonely bitter girls like Claw Dia and kenya. I like porsha but she’s not house wife material either. I just want cynthia on so I can see how her and peterina ends. Since he’s the lady in the marriage cynthia, you know you can’t turn a hoe into a house wife. Rumor has it he’s been doing claw-dia or kenya, maybe both. Now why don’t you put some chocolate on that. inquiring minds would love to know.

  • Jacqueline Maloid

    Thank you Lord.

  • Gwendolyn Miles

    They should get rid or Porsha dn Kenya too.

  • theFeistyWife

    Good , she is gone! People just saw her for who she was!

  • theFeistyWife

    Claudia was very evil, creating and starting drama as everyone notice. A master manipulater as she was brought on the show to do according to news sources. #myopinion

    • theFeistyWife

      Alao, she had nothing interesting other than her cat and feet. No fashion sense no man, no life.

  • Shartrail Clayton-bryant

    Kenya should be next