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Former Model Irene Major, Wife Of Oil Tycoon Sam Malin Talks Skin Bleaching “When My Skin Is Lighter, I Just Feel Prettier”

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Irene Major-before-after-bleaching

Former model Irene Major is a very wealthy woman who loves being lightskinned with the help of bleaching creams. Irene is married to Canadian oil tycoon Sam Malin, she has tried everything from super-expensive Creme de la Mer moisturisers to the services of the most exclusive Harley Street dermatologists.

Irene, is originally from Cameroon, admits she also regularly uses skin-lightening creams to alter the colour of her complexion.

‘When my skin is lighter, I just feel prettier. It’s a taboo subject, and people get judgmental about it, but that’s how I feel. A skin-lightening regime has been part of my life practically since birth. There are many different types of African skin, from dark charcoal to a lighter version and you grow up knowing that the lighter ladies are the prettier ones. It’s just a fact. Anybody can use it, and everybody does. Just look at all the pop stars whose skin has got so much lighter over the years. Many celebrities do it. We’re just turning a blind eye to it.

Two months ago, High Street health store Holland & Barrett came under fire for selling a legal skin-whitening product called Dr Organic Royal Jelly Skin Body Whitening Cream, which retails for £9.99.

The sale of the product provoked outrage, with some accusing the chain of encouraging racist ideals. Yet Irene, who’s 34 and lives with her husband and four children in a Kent mansion, claims that in some communities the pressure on women to use such products is overwhelming.

Her younger sister, Elsa Major, 27, agrees, explaining how disturbing hierarchies of skin colour are still influencing African girls. “Being lighter shows you belong to a different place on the social ladder. All the rich, successful black African men marry either a white or a very light-skinned girl because they too grew up thinking that the lighter is the most pretty. It doesn’t matter how dark a man is, of course the pressure is all on women.”

In a statement, Holland & Barrett said the product did not contain “harsh bleaching agents, saying the core ingredient was a brown algae that has proven skin-whitening attributes especially for use on age spots, liver spots, freckles, sun-damaged skin, scars, blemishes, dark elbows and knees as well as general skin brightening”.

There is a huge market in illegal creams, soaps and pills, many contain highly dangeroud ingredients such as mercury, bleach and acid. The worst of these, a chemical called hydroquinone, is officially banned in the EU, but can still be prescribed by dermatologists for cosmetic reasons — and isn’t hard to find in the UK.

Hydroquinone is the biological equivalent of paint stripper. In removing the top layer of skin, which initially results in a ‘brighter’ looking face, it also removes the body’s natural defence against infection and the sun, increasing the risk of skin cancer. If it enters the bloodstream, it can cause fatal liver and kidney damage. Skincare expert Sujata Jolly, who founded her clinic Clinogen Laboratories in Windsor 30 years ago, has treated many women desperate to reverse the chemical’s effects.

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Source: Daily Mail

  • Mixed Chick

    What a waste of beautiful skin. This is truly sad, she didn’t feel pretty with dark skin.

  • MsShaynaT

    a semi white face… with black hands. Girl stop… you ruined yourself.

  • o_i760rq1m9

    Ewwww! First of all, even though she bleached her skin, she’s still not light-skinned (maybe compared to her previous real complexion) but not by any standards of being light-skinned. Her complexion is light “brown-skinned.” IJS. Also, her former skin was beautiful. Now her face doesn’t even match her hands, etc. Be yourself!

    • Mary Aries White

      Priceless Stated!!

  • Renae Renae


  • donnetteisawesome

    Now that she hadT bleached her skin she looks ugly to me.

  • donna

    She must not be happy with herself to change her skin tone. That is really sad.

  • Carrie

    I’ll probably be blasted because I am white, and I hope this doesn’t offend anyone, it’s certainly not meant to but I think a dark complexion is stunning and beautiful. Certainly much better in my opinion then my own pasty, Lilly shaded glow in the moonlight shade lol. I worked with some Ethiopian men and women when I dispatched cabs in NWT. They had such dark, inky black tones their skin was almost blue. I loved that. Very beautiful. I understand that black girls feel pressure to be lighter skinned but I just think that’s a sad commentary on society as a whole. I wish people could learn to be truly color blind. A persons skin has no bearing on personality, qualities, talents or, for that matter, flaws. I’m sorry, I hope again that I’m not offending anyone.

    • Mary Aries White

      Priceless Stated Thank You!! :) :)

      • Hassan Noor

        One in a million , God bless. ALLAH the Almighty states in the Koran ” We blessed you into tribes & nations so that you could learn from each other, indeed the most honored among you in in front of your Creator is the one who does righteous deed “. And in another verse of the Koran, ALLAH states ” We created the human being in the most perfect sense” never mentioned color or any other attributes. People who try to change their looks are people who are empty inside , they suffer from an inferiority complex.

    • Alice Day

      I agree with u

    • liline

      hun you did not offend anyone, well said sister well said, :)

    • Lindsy

      Very gracefully put Carrrie.

  • CKT76

    She looks like a corpse…

    • Mary Aries White


  • Guest

    Thats just messed up ALL Brown IS Beautiful I have seen some of the most Gorgeous woman and they weren’t light they were Dark she is very insecure because anybody that was not loves the Skin their In Literally.

  • Elizabeth Miyalovesme Grace

    She said “its a fact light skin girls are prettier” BUT yo skin tone dont define your beauty. I know. lot of BEAUTIFUL women in all skin tones. She dont even look cute wit a light face and brown hands and he skin dont look light skin more like a pale death color

  • lovebug78

    She may feel prettier but she looks better with the darker skin. LOVE WHO YOU ARE!!!

  • Felisha Crooks-Sweet

    Her billionaire husband married a dark skinned beautiful woman. I wonder how does he relates to the change. Obviously he loved her. Can’t wrap my brain around such foolery.

    • Mary Aries White

      Priceless Stated Blessed With Money And Don”t know What To Do With It!! She Was Beautiful Before With Her Dark Skin Now She Looks Older And Pale Don’t Looks Healthy At All!! IJS

  • Mary Aries White

    I say it loud I am black and I am proud!!

  • Elly Kiptum

    So she had to roast herself sad

  • Alice Day

    I think she looks better dark, than light skinned. She looks like a drag queen light skinned.

  • Dawn Solomon

    No matter what others reactions may be, no one can change the fact that
    this woman will not only be treated differently, but also FEELS
    different…. I completely understand the desire for acceptance and to
    feel “pretty”- No amount or shaming, arguing or attemepting of convince
    will change this woman visceral experince of skin color. It’s a fact.
    Like being thin vs. being obese, being wealthy or being poor– There are
    “leagues”, there are social strata, there are hard-wired inclination in
    human for asthetics. I know that the people who strongly disagree with
    her decision and may call her “self-hating”- only see her outside world,
    and have a painful agenda of thier own to respond to racism. I don’t
    believe in the concept of self-hate, but affirm that the need for
    connection, accpetance/connection is the most powerful human biological
    drive we have. Do I find it horrificly sad that we live in world where
    being loved and accepted mean we can’t just “be ourselves” ? Of course I
    do! As a black female in America, is obese– I know the struggle and to
    me this woman bleaching her skin is no different than me losing 100
    pounds. We want the RESULTS of being light-skinned or skinny. It’s a
    means to an end. People get so caught up on the means- skin-bleaching,
    weaves, perms, weight loss, breast/buttock augumentation etc. That we
    ignore the most important issue: WHY people do those things! it’s
    ridiculous to disagree with someones action without taking into account
    thier motives. And I mean THIER motives, not the one we assign to them! I
    stand in soldarity with this woman. I know her desires and pain, and
    respect how she chose to make an attempt to improve the quality of her
    life as she sees it, because she is living in her own skin.

    • Tony

      I was thinking her husband married a black woman now he must sleep with this messy looking woman but he clearly loves her, same as those guys that marry a healty looking woman that then goes onto suffer from an eating disorder and belive they are too fat, we can all see such women are normal but their reality is not our veiw, for the record she now looks very odd. its a shame and clearly a mental healthy issue.

      A mother of four children this mans wife, still thinking that to be fair is more attractive. thank God the rest of the world does not hold this slave like veiw…

  • Meli

    she’s MUCH more prettier as her natural darker complexion anyways!

  • Jackson Strong

    hmm. I’m a white man and I honestly find dark skinned black women to be the most beautiful.

  • Giggl3zDoNtGivAfUk

    She looks like shes casting for the walking dead.

  • karen

    I’m a light skinned black woman and it saddens me to know that my darker skinned sisters have been brainwashed to believe this foolishness. My plight use to be that I wanted darker skinned because I was teased for being lighter. Now that I’m older, I love me and I wouldn’t do anything to alter my natural self. Love yourself and stop the self hatred, you are beautiful no matter what color you are.

  • jennie

    Black is beauty! I am light skinned
    and i always admired darker skinned women growing up!

  • Alex

    She has children… God bless them because I’m sure she’s passing this foolishness on to them and that’s the worst part!

  • Kenyan Enterpreneur

    Y….i am black, by no means light skin. I am very happy with my skin and hair…I wear my natural everyday comfortably. The reality is many black women are bleaching their skin and wearing straight weaves to alter their images. In Kenya a light skinned woman is still considered prettier in some communities.

  • brotherap

    Sickos! But one understands! When even the pressure of your own surrounding society is brainwashed to believe that there is something sanctified about the color of a person’s skin that guarantees privilege and opportunity, then the dark child grows up under the constant psychological peer pressure of stupidity. However, no one is willing to exchange a position of stupidity if it means sacrificing wealth and privilege. Pain and stupidity rule, in that instance.

  • CommSense

    I don’t agree with the whole skin bleaching thing at all but upon further thought on the subject, how is it any different from white girls going to the tanning booth? They are not happy with their complexions and so they take steps to make themselves darker. It seems that the woman in this article is doing the same thing except she’s going from dark to light. How is this any different?

  • Jola James

    She was beautiful with dark skin ,now she just looks freakish!

  • Tammy

    I love my black skin! Wouldn’t change it for the world

  • Love being dark skinned woman

    In my honest opinion she looked better with the darker skin. As a darker skin person I couldn’t imagine putting anything but water on my face. Lighter skin black people don’t age as well. I have both in my family and I will stay with my blackness. Lovin being me.