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Mimi Faust Reveals Sex Tape Was Staged

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via US Magazine:
Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Mimi Faust confirms that her infamous sex tape with ex-boyfriend Nikko London was staged from the very beginning.

Since Season 3, Mimi told friends and fans that the tape was stolen from Nikko’s bag at the airport. She maintained that Vivid Entertainment, the same company that released Kim Kardashian’s recorded romp with Ray J, got hold of the footage and reached out to the couple to make a deal. In order to profit from the tape, Mimi claimed at the time that she and Nikko were required to film extra scenes to meet Vivid’s minute requirement.

The truth? Nikko thought that their lovemaking was like art, and that it needed to be documented for the public eye. Despite her reservations, Mimi went along with it.

“We had to say something,” Mimi admits, regarding the lies. “I didn’t tell anybody the truth.”

After a nasty and highly publicized break up with her ex-boyfriend, noted record producer Stevie J, Mimi was vulnerable and quite frankly, “f—ed up,” she says. Nikko and Mimi, old pals, rekindled their relationship in 2012. At first, Nikko, 39, was a shoulder to lean on — a “friend, understanding to what was going on”…with great sex to boot. Time revealed that he had a motive…and a wife of 10 years, Margeaux.

The 45-year-old mom ignored her intuition, even when Nikko’s true intentions were crystal-clear.

“Every time I would go to Nikko’s place, there would be a camera and a tripod in front of the bed at all times,” she remembers. “You know how you get that gut feeling? I didn’t listen to my gut instinct. I kind of just shoved it to the side.”

When the tape hit the ‘net in 2014, TMZ reported that the couple raked in more than $400,00 in pre-sales. Tongues were wagging (and plenty of memes were made) about Mimi and Nikko’s wild sexcapades…specifically, her balancing act on a shower rod.

Mimi says that she’s still cashing in from the video — “I get a check every quarter for the rest of my life,” she divulges — but ultimately, it’s still a big regret.

“Stupid decision? Yes,” Mimi reflects. “I wish I could take it back.”

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