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Mother Of 7 Of The 8 Children Stabbed To Death In Cairns Arrested For Their Murder

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FIVE fathers have lost children as a result of the mass murder in Cairns.

The horrifying massacre at a Cairns, Australian home. The children were four girls, aged 14, 12, 11 and two; and four boys aged nine, eight, six and five. Police have spoken to five men who were fathers of the eight children

37-year-old, Mersane Warria, also known as Raina Thaiday, has been arrested for murder. She is the mother to seven of the eight children and aunt to the eighth child, who were found dead. She is currently under police guard at Cairns Hospital with chest and neck wounds. Queensland police are reportedly looking at the possibility the drug ice may have been a factor in the crime.

Ms Warria was reportedly enraged after staying up all night searching for a missing girl who lived at the house. When the young girl returned they reportedly fought, and the teenager fled.

Police were called to the family’s house on Murray Street, Manoora, about 11am yesterday after reports of shouting and screaming. Ms Warris’s 20-year-old old son arrived home and discovered the bodies of his siblings and cousin, aged between 18 months and 15 years. Police arrived a short time later.

The shocking mass murder has left the North Queensland city stunned and tributes are being left at the family home.

Their uncle told Daily Mail Australia:
“The last I saw them was the day before when she was cleaning up with the kids at the front. I was standing on the fence with me bike yarning to her for ten minutes. She was saying that she’d kicked out the boys with drugs and found God and she was changing her life around. I could see that she was changed, I’d known her for 20 years and I could see that she was trying to do something. There were members of the family with drugs and if you’re islander you can’t kick them out, if you have a house, that’s where the party is. She used to drink and that but she come good after the last lot of (the last four) kids.”

The uncle said the mother stated she was a religious person previously:

“She was when she was younger with her adopted mother but not after that. She had this church DVD she was always watching. She’d started preaching to me in the last week or so. Always talking about God.”

He also claimed one of the children fathers had plans to take the kids away to Bamaga, which is the tip of Cape York in Queensland’s north.

“The dad wanted to take the kids up to Bamaga. That’s what he told me he was doing, he’d been talking about it for six weeks. He lives in Bamaga, that’s where his originally from.”

May be this is a reason as to why Ms Warria wanted to kill her children. Nothing is known as yet, until Ms Warria has legal counsel and police investigate further.

Ms Warria remains in a stable condition at Cairns Hospital.

Detective Inspector Asnicar said on Saturday morning, “She’s awake, she’s lucid and speaking. At this stage we’re not looking for anybody else. We’re comfortable that the community at large is safe and have no need to concern.”

Detective Inspector Asnicar at this time says more persons of interest may arise during the investigation.

Also all of the fathers [of the eight children] have been contacted and spoken to by police.

“We’ve spoken to five people,” he said.

Detective Inspector Asnicar says forensic experts are trying to establish, “exactly what happened in that house. They’re looking for the order of the actions that occurred, they’re looking for any trace evidence in the residence itself, they’re looking for blood spatter patterns. This area does get calls for service but this particular house hasn’t been flagged for particular calls of service, it’s not a problem house. This is just an ordinary neighbourhood. A lot of good people, a lot of kids in the area and this is just something that has caught everybody by surprise. It’s absolutely tragic.”

Police have so far found a number of weapons, specifically ‘edged weapons, knives’, at the property.

He was unable to comment on whether the Ms Warria’s injuries were self-inflicted.

A Queensland Police Service spokesman said pathologists had now begun the autopsy of the children as police attempt to piece together exactly what happened.

“Every minute we have a better understanding of what has occurred. The investigation is still being conducted but I can guarantee you that when this investigation concludes we will have an idea of every minute of what has occurred there.”

He said forensic officers were still at the house and did not expect to finish their work for several days.

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