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Real Housewives Of Cheshire Recap | “Oh Boy”

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Leanne returns from Paris and goes to visit Dawn. Dawn lets it known that she thinks Ampika is trying to use Leanne to make Dawn angry.

Mark visits Ampika and he says he finally told his girlfriend about his trip to Paris. Ampika tells him she wants another baby with Mark.

Stacey hosts a fashion dinner at her fabulous home. Misse brings the stylist who will makeover Ampika, who really needs it. Ampika is styled and she hates it and lets everyone know it. He hair could have been styled better, but overall she looked nice, there is no need to be naked, and painted like a clown all the time.

Leanne tells Stacey about Dawn’s problem with Leanne going to Paris.

Misse and Ampika have drinks and discuss Ampika – their common enemy.

Tanya’s has an over the top baby gender reveal, she’s having a boy. She has two pony’s race and of course the male pony is the indicator of her new baby.

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