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Real Housewives Of Cheshire Recap| Season 3, Episode 6 “Cheshire In Paris”

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This one is a short one, this week.

Dawn visits Leanne. They talk about Paris, France again.

Seema, her husband, Sandeep, son Aaron, Tanya, Stacey and Misse fly to Paris. Stacey hates flying and tells her story about her last bad experience of flying. Misse is about to pass out from the story. The crew finally arrive and go sightseeing, they get a caricature drawn of themselves and everyone looks like Tanya, with Tanya’s humongous teeth.

Leanne, Ampika and Ampika’s ex-husband, Mark, fly to Paris. Why is Mark there? Is he paying for it all?

Lauren’s witch aka psychic, Chris, visits her and tells her she is venturing into a new business and things will be changing. Ok Chris that was mind blowing.

During dinner with the ladies – Misse talks about Ampika talking to Dawn’s husband Ashley while she was naked. Misse is going to learn.

Dawn and Lauren have drinks and Lauren states that she is divorcing her husband. Dawn brings up the what Misse brings up her thoughts on Ampika and her husband, they both think it is laughable.

During Seema’s private fashion show, Leanne and Ampika walk the runway as the final models and everyone is surprised.

Misse confronts Ampika and discusses her feelings. Ampika couldn’t care less about Misse and is living her life the way she wants to.

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Next Week: “Going In-Seine”
Misse and Ampika try to move on after their clash at Seema’s Paris fashion show. Back in Cheshire, Lauren poses nude for a portrait painting session.