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Real Housewives Of Cheshire Recap | Season 3, Episode 7 “Going In Seine”

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The ladies go sightseeing.

Leanne and Ampika walk the town and talk about Misse’s farcical comments about naked Ampika and talking to women’s husbands.

Lauren is getting a classy naked portrait of herself painted.

Leanne is so excited she flew on a 16 seater jet with Ampika and Mark.

Seema and Stacey question where Ampika got the money from to pay for the private jet. Seema and Leanne go for drinks and Seema tries to get information about Ampika’s mystery man. Seema asks whether Ampika paid for the airplane – that’s a bit nosy and cheeky. Seema and Tanya go shopping.

Later Ampika and Misse go shopping and Ampika tells Misse that she can give Ampika a makeover or in her case a makeunder.

Dawn visits Lauren while she’s getting her portrait done. They discuss the ladies in Paris. Dawn mulls over the idea that she may be losing best friend Leanne.

Dawn visits a perfumeria with her daughters Taylor who is normally away at boarding school and Darby Ward.

Everyone meets for dinner, except for Tanya, who is tired probably due to her pregnancy. Ampika brings Mark. Mark tells a story about Ampika’s flatulence problem. Everyone is supposed to find this funny, Misse didn’t find it funny. I don’t think a farting conversation is in good taste.

Leanne tells us how she met Wes, she met him a club surrounded by his friends, she pulled him out of his friends and started kissing him on a sofa – not knowing he was a footballer. Seema’s marriage was arranged and Stacey has been with her husband for 13 years, she only sees him on the weekend. Stacey starts to cry, which can be she so in love – or they’re having problems. Misse moved to the UK after 3 months with Anders and was pregnant after 4 months. Misse thinks Ampika is rude, “I don’t think you put up a fight, you weren’t there with a padlock on your knickers”.

Misse says that Ampika makes her feel sick. Mark takes up for Ampika – saying that in his world, people swear and fart with a common occurrence. Ampika states that this is because she lived in a male orientated home and fought to have her voice heard at home. Ampika then says she’s in love with two people. Mark explains that he won’t let his girlfriend meet Ampika as Ampika would be too intimidating. He also let’s it known that his girlfriend doesn’t know he’s on holiday with Ampika. Leanne asks Mark if Ampika wanted to try again – he thinks about it seriously but in his confessional he says he would take her statement with a pinch of salt. Misse says that Ampika has hurt Mark – Ampika is crying.

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