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Real Housewives Of Cheshire Recap | Season 3, Episode 9

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On this week’s episode of the Real Housewives Of Cheshire, Leanne walks in on Tanya’s workout session. They discuss Dawn and Ampika again.

Dawn walks her dogs with husband Ashley, whose face looks a little different and loses her mind seeing bigger dogs in the park. She tells her husband that she doesn’t like Ampika and Leanne being friends. Ok Dawn.

Stacey meets Misse for drinks, and confronts her about a post she made on social media about fake people. I am confused over what the problem is. Misse’s English is a little stunted so she doesn’t express herself properly. Stacey explains she saw how Ampika face was during the makeover – Ampika wasn’t happy, and felt bad for her as she was frustrated. Stacey starts to tear up as she was so upset talking to Misse who failed to see her point of view.

Seema visits Ampika at her shop and she feels Ampika was too stripped down – basically her face was bare from the lack of makeup, and she tells her Misse spoke to Seema and Stacey privately and told them they didn’t back her up for Ampika’s final look.

Ampika meets her ex-husband Mark for drinks and states she wants another child with him – she is serious.

Lauren tells Seema she has filed for divorce and reveals her naked painting to Seema and Leanne.

Dawn’s daughter Taylor, is planning her 18th birthday party and wants 40 or 50 of her friends staying in her parents house.

Ampika is getting readying her shampoo launch party and she tells her employee Lesley, that she asked Mark for another baby. Lesley is shocked.

Misse tells her husband, Andres, what happened during the aftermath of the makeover, his response is to “f**k everything up” when she gets to Ampika’s party, then leave. To which she responds, “Don’t I always?”

At the shampoo release party. Ampika and Tanya get into it, Tanya swears up a storm and leave the party. Misse approaches the gang – Lauren, Ampika, Seema and wants to know what happened to Tanya. Misse didn’t like the way Ampika responded to her make over. Misse is treading on dangerous territory here.

So when is Magali going to return to RHOC?

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Next week:
There is trouble brewing on the eve of Taylor Ward’s 18th birthday party and Dawn and Ampika come face to face for a dramatic final showdown.