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Tamara Ecclestone Poses Topless Pregnant

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Heiress Tamara Ecclestone poses topless while pregnant for HELLO magazine. In an interview with Hello! Tamara says: ‘During my pregnancy, it’s been my favourite thing to come home at whatever time of day and change into my PJs.’

Tamara, 29, is expecting her first child, a daughter, with husband Jay Rutland in a few weeks.

On Fashion While Pregnant
I haven’t bought any maternity clothes – I just wear my stretchy garments or buy the next size up. I’ve been lucky because I’ve not grown that big. All my rings still fit and I can wear my heels.

On Dad Bernie Ecclestone Being One Of The First To Know Of The Pregnancy
Dad said ‘of course, another girl in the family – more handbags

On Her Connection With Her Daughter
It might sound crazy, but I feel in tune with my baby and talk to her all the time. I know she can hear me, so she’ll definitely recognise my voice when she’s born.

On Being A Heiress
I think there is a vicious attitude towards anyone who has inherited anything. I also think there’s a vicious attitude towards people who became successful in an unconventional way — like my dad, who left school without A-levels. I do think that [society is unequal]. But I think even if that weren’t the case there’d be jealousy and envy. Maybe it’s just human nature. I don’t think it all stems from the economic climate. I think a lot of people have to bring other people down to make themselves feel good — and I think that’s sad.

Read the full interview in the new edition of Hello! Out Now.