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‘White Means Pure’ Singer Dencia Defends Whitenicious

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Singer Dencia defends her skin care range Whitenacious. Is the message it sells controversial? Phinnah Ikeji of Black Role Models UK thinks it’s the wrong message for young girls’ self-esteem.

What are your thoughts? Post your comments below.

  • Mixed Chick

    Dencia sounds and looks ridiculous. Which black spots did she have? She didn’t have hyper pigmentation, in fact her skin looks gorgeous before her cancerous application. Dencia cannot justify her creation except to say it makes her heaps of money. She got her nose and her breasts done in an effort to look barbie-ish (white). She just won’t admit she wants to be white. If that’s what you want to be own and it be proud.

  • Stophatinwityohatinass Matthew

    She doesn’t know a damn thing about what she is talking about she need to get a reality check in herself. This is why girls have low self-esteem. You should never have to change how you feel/ look for no one. RIP to her career

  • Cecilia Aguayo

    I know how things may look (wrong)…but the girl has a point

    • Regina Williams

      However, she is saying one thing but doing another…..she needs to keep it real and whoever does not like it, so be it.

  • Regina Williams

    Later on down the line, she will regret this, when she and her customers have serious issues from her bleaching product.