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Lauren Simon Was Removed From Dancing On Nightclub Table By Prince

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Prince-Lauren SimonReal Housewives Of Cheshire star Lauren Simon was once removed from dancing on a nightclub table by music legend Prince.

The reality star, who claims to have famous friends, says she was having a great time in the LA bar before she was kicked out.

“I used to work in LA and I mixed with amazing celebrities. I got myself into all kinds of trouble. I am always in trouble. I am the naughtiest girl you will ever meet. One time I was dancing on a table in a club and I looked round and there was Prince. And he removed me from the club. He shouted: ‘Get this girl off my table!’ He wasn’t that friendly actually. I used to hang out with Bruce Willis in Pittsburg too. And the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. I have lived an amazing life. Simon Cowell wanted to make me famous too – but that’s another story. He wanted to make me a famous singer – but there’s just one problem – I can’t sing.”

Now Lauren’s life is much more simpler and family orientated,

“I get up at 7 every day, take the girlies to school. Then I go to the gym and have sushi and wine because I’m meant to go to the classes I have booked myself in to but I never go. Sushi and lasagne are my guilty pleasures. I have put on a stone in the past year from over indulging in them.”

But she still has a famous fan base:

“Cuba Gooding Jr is my famous fan. I met him in London last week and he loves me,” Lauren says.

Source: Mirror